Iconographer, Colourist, and Teacher

I find his [Symeon's] work fascinating as it is an exploration of the flatter and more stylized threads of iconography. Color is frank and contrasted like a puzzle; clothing is abstracted towards simple geometry. Symeon’s icons embrace a joyful play we find in ... the transparent innocence of a good folk icon. —Jonathan Pageau, Editor of the Orthodox Art Journal


The icons I make are the result of completing a formal apprenticeship in a Greek Orthodox monastery, as well as learning specific elements of the craft from modern iconographers in Europe and Canada. The vision of these icons is informed by a love of the culture that developed broadly in the West and a spiritual life of living and worshipping with my family in a Coptic Orthodox Church. While these icons are not part of the Greek, Slavic, American-Byzantine or Neo-Coptic traditions—having been blessed by so many rich and diverse experiences in my journey—all of these are part of the foundation that informs the heart of my work.

Making an Icon

Symeon drawing a cartoon for an icon.


Building Panel