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Paris: Part II

May 13th, 2008

Christopher van Donkelaar

Grand River in Paris

While in Paris we traveled to another location that held the promise of gypsum.  Parking in the downtown, we followed a trail along the south side of the river keeping our eyes peeled for more white rocks.

I was looking for a white, powdery rock such as we had collected on the other side of the river, but when Reiner said he had found some he handed me something quite different.  This rock was hard and it contained crystals (something I hope you can see in the photo I’ve posted).  These crystals weren’t a contaminant, as I supposed, but are the crystalized form of gypsum called Selenite.  So the rock I was looking at is still completely pure gypsum!

We didn’t find nearly as much rock at this location, but we did find something special.  Among the gypsum-rocks we did collect we found one that came complete with it’s own pedestal in the form of some limestone it was still attached to.  This is a beautiful example and something you can look for at the exhibition in September.

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  1. Maggie #
    May 14, 2008

    Hello Chris – it delights me to visit your blog daily… and to know that I have been able to contribute, in a very small way, to your art.

    I very much enjoy how much of yourself you bring to the work… your passion and energy and excitement are evident. And your talent. This is so much more than painting a picture, an icon. It is an homage, in way to your love of family, history, creation and creativity. Thank you for the chance to share this.


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